Who are the Super-Loyals? 


The Bergen Philharmonic in Norway has 500 subscribers that attend around 25 performances each year – that is, they buy 12,500 tickets! When you are able to build such a segment, Super-Loyals are a fantastic asset to the organization!

But what do we know about these Super-Loyals? Who are they really? What are their drivers? Their motivations? How can we find more of them, involve more of them, make them an even more integrated part of the organization, serve them better, and in turn, let them serve us better?

As always, the more we know about the world of the segment, the better we can communicate and serve them. So what do we know about the world of these Super-Loyals?

Do you know German (hint: try Google translate if you don’t)?

The journalist Johannes Laubmeier spent quite a bit of time to write this article published in Tagesspiegel: http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/stammgaeste-im-zoologischen-garten-warum-manche-menschen-jeden-tag-in-den-zoo-gehen/12368962.html. It’s about understanding the world of people who spend an enormous amount of their time at the Berlin Zoo. It’s quite easy to see how this knowledge could be applicable to other organizations and it definitely raises the curiosity to learn more about your own Super-Loyals!

Let me know what you learn!