The Purpose

Subscription Builder is designed to help performing arts organizations sell out all performances every week. When constantly performing at 95% of capacity you start a movement of momentum: increased immediate income, increased indirect income, less marketing costs, enthusiastic stakeholders, control. And above all: extended artistic freedom to do work you really want to do.

Getting in Touch

Set up a 60 minute free intro call with us.

StillArt will advise on next steps depending on your situation.

The Discovery Program

3 to 4 month program including the lecture “How to Make Subscriptions Work Today”, reviewing your subscription history, how long it will take and how much it will cost you to sell out the whole season and much more.

The preparation program is compulsory before moving to Subscription Builder Classic or Pro.

Subscription Builder Classic or Pro Contract

3 or 5 season partnership depending on if we write a Classic or Pro contract. StillArt offers 1 Project Manager and up to 4 Senior Advisors. Win/Win compensation: No consultancy fees. StillArt covers own travel costs. In Pro, StillArt pays for your marketing. We share increased income. Focus: On results.

The Process

StillArt has been able to methodically achieve quantifiable results with our carefully-designed systematic 23-step process of subscription marketing best practices. We work intensively together for three to four years to not only grow the numbers, but to ensure that the subscription process becomes an integrated part of the organization going forward.

MILESTONE 1 - Mapping

Quantitative Mapping in the form of data analysis. Qualitative Mapping in the form of interviews. Goal setting and establishing how to work together.

MILESTONE 2 - Annual Subscription Wheel

Marketing activities based on (a) your situation and goals, (b) best practice toolbox and (c) dialog between you and us. Concrete subscription marketing activity plan and a dynamic marketing budget.

MILESTONE 3 - Product / Offer

Based on a Campaign Concept we develop together: Your unique products, pricing, benefits, messaging, imaging, segments.

MILESTONE 4 - Implementation

Design of marketing materials (letters, brochure, posters, flyers, adverts, sales scripts, digital.)

MILESTONE 5 - Ongoing reporting, evaluations, updating the marketing plan.

Establish agile follow up routines to consistently know what is working and not. Adapt marketing according to return on investment.

Final Phase

After the season has started we simultaneously do an overall final evaluation and plan next Annual Wheel.

3-5 Seasons of Repetition

Through repetition and continuous improve, we ensure you don’t only have your ideal subscription level. We also want you to have the knowledge and tools to maintain it when our contract is terminated.