StillArt was registered as a personal company of Magnus Still in 1992 in Finland. The core of the company and its activities was always to serve and create added value for the arts.


In 1992, the officials wanted Magnus Still to create a legal structure for his activities of managing tours and organizing concerts for his artist friends. Soon Magnus realized that getting his artist on the chair meant that someone else fell off the chair – a zero sum game with little added value to the larger picture. In 1994 StillArt organized the first in a series of 10 international festivals in 4 countries over 6 years – now StillArt was adding new value to the picture. 1995-2000 StillArt also managed the Estonian-Finnish free-lance orchestra Sinfonietta Odysseus with around 5 projects and 10 concerts every year. The success of the orchestra and the festivals had caught the interest of Finnish classical music decision makers and Magnus was invited to first become Head of Productions of Helsinki Festival and then General Manager (Intendant) of The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. 2000-2005 StillArt was therefore more or less on hold.


In 2006 Magnus lived in Sweden where he founded StillArt International Limited AB. Now the value adding focus was to provide as many organization as possible the best tools possible for the most pressing problems in the arts delivered as effectively as possible. StillArt was now a company providing strategic advice.


In 2006 Magnus Still delivered The Effective Marketing Report commissioned by 50+ organizations in the Nordic Countries. The report didn’t only generate the first contracts but was also the foundation upon which the unique StillArt working and compensation model was built.


2006 the first Subscription Builder contracts were signed. 2010 we created the Annual Subscription Wheel, the current core of the Subscription Builder service. With The Wheel, the process became much smoother and results more even.


2013 the StillArt Subscription Advisory Board was founded with the goal to double the results from 100 to 200 average subscription growth per collaboration and season. The following season we tripled average growth and we had our first +1,000 subscription growth collaborations.


In 2014 Finnish StillArt Limited was registered and took over the operations, while Swedish StillArt International Limited AB will be closed down in 2015.