StillArt works intensely with approximately ten performing arts organizations annually. Our home base is in Northern Europe, with current projects in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Our goal is to help reach bigger audiences, grow earned income, stabilize operations, and pursue greater artistic freedom. Our current signatory service is our Subscription Builder, with which we aim to dramatically increase the base of traditional fixed-seat, fixed-performance subscribers for our partners. Over the years we have also worked with database and ticket solutions, programming, marketing strategy and brand development, as well as strategic organizational and leadership development. We are a network of a dozen people, with half of us working with clients and the other half working administratively behind the curtain.


Magnus Still, CEO and Project Manager  Chairperson of the Subscription Advisory Board, CEO of StillArt, Lead Project Manager and former CEO of three orchestras, including the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Magnus wrote the 100-page study “Effective Marketing by Classical Music Promoters. 9 Case Studies in High Level Audience Growth”, which strongly influenced how StillArt was structured. Magnus’ book “Fill Every Seat – EVERY Wee k “The Power of Subscriptions And How To Make Them Work Today” was published in April 2016. Editor in Chief of the book “The Power of Selling Out” planned to be published in November 2018.

Zuzana Pesselová
Manager Projekt Ausverkauft

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Karla Still
Office Assistant

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Eren Yagmuroglu
Brand Manager

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A world where the arts plays a proactive role in forming healthy and vibrant local and global communities.


To provide ambitious leaders in the arts with powerful tools and solutions for building strong, vibrant and dynamic organizations.


To identify, code, spread and support best-in-class solutions that deal with foundational administrative challenges in the arts.


Passion: moving hearts, producing actions and creating results. Teamwork: reflected in everything we do. Results: what we live, talk about and produce.

The StillArt Subscription Advisory Board

Senior Advisor
Thomas J Gulick

Specialized in rapid earned revenue growth for performing arts organizations, has over 30 years of experience as CEO, Marketing and Development Director of US symphonies, ballet companies and opera houses. He was responsible for the program that took the San Francisco Opera from a $30M to $60M company within five years.

Senior Advisor
Martin Hansson

Managing and Artistic Director of Gothenburg Grand Theatre. As Director of Communications of Gothenburg SO and CEO of  Vara Concert House he created stability for both organizations by building the highest subscription numbers in the history of both organizations.

Senior Advisor
Robert C Jones

has over 30 years of experience as CEO of US symphonies, operas and venues, including Washington DC National SO and the Music Department of Kennedy Center. In his 15 years with the Indianapolis SO he managed the building of the endowment fund from $4M to $94M. Bob has developed and executed turnarounds for several medium and large companies.

Senior Advisor
Dr. Martin Messingschlager

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Pragma Institut für empirische Strategieberatung.