Dear Leaders in the Performing Arts,

Are you searching for the recently published book "Fill Every Seat - EVERY Week. The Power of Subscriptions, And How to Make Them Work Today"?

Or perhaps you are searching for the team and the company that help performing arts organizations grow with 1,000+ subscriptions in a season?

We unfortunately have technical problems with our web sites right now.
While our wonderful back stage team is fixing the problem you can

- e-mail Executive Assistant Ms Liisa Koivuranta on liisa.koivuranta[at] and let Liisa know what you are looking for
- visit StillArt's company page on LinkedIn
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- e-mail me directly

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope we may still support you reach the success you are looking for!
In Borgå (Finland) on 25 April 2016

With best regards,
Magnus Still
CEO at StillArt
Author of Fill Every Seat - EVERY Week